Foundation problems

Every project has its unexpected hurdles. We test dug in spots around the house to check the foundation, but this was not one of them....To our suprise the rear porch was built on a foot of cement in some areas. By the door, the house was set right in the dirt.
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Past experience: Throop St. Bungalows

The Throop St. bungalows featured an awesome array of green products and technology that taught us what is practical for an affordable green home.

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A little more about NHS Redevelopment Corp

NHSRC was selected as the developer for five “Green Homes for Chicago” - environmentally friendly, energy-efficient and affordable new construction homes. The Green Homes for Chicago Program began with an international design competition sponsored by the City’s Departments of Environment and Housing to solicit designs for five innovative homes that demonstrate resource efficient design and construction practices. From 73 entries, a design jury chose five finalists. The five different designs were built in two communities – two homes in the Hermosa community and three homes in the Englewood neighborhood. All of the homes have been sold to new owners.

In late April 2004, NHSRC's two-story Factor 10 house at 1919 N. Keeler in the Hermosa neighborhood was named one of the top 10 Green Projects by the American Institute of Architects. The home was designed by the Chicago architectural firm of Esherick Homsey Dodge and Davis (EHDD Architecture).
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Rear porch comes down

We pride ourselves on taking the worst of the worst and building them to be the best. While we try to save these homes from demolition, more often than not parts of the house need to be demolished.

When going green, keep an eye out for trash removal companies that recycle waste. The company we use pulls the dump from the lot just like any other but sorts and recycles at their center, giving us a certificate upon request.
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Front and Rear Photos

These are front and rear shots at time of purchase. With a leaking roof, a missing foundation, electric ready to start fires and damage from theft, the property is in need of an extensive rehab, including structural repairs, tear down of enclosed porch and all new systems [water, heat, electric].
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A future green home

In 2008, NHSRC took the NeighborHomes program green. In years past, we built some pretty exciting demonstration green homes for the City of Chicago. As an affordable home builder, we can not put expensive green items like solar water heaters or geothermal systems in every house so after a sound review of the many green standards [LEED, Green Communities, Chicago Green Home] we created a Practical Green standard for our homes.

Our practical green standard improves upon our high quality of rehab by focusing on 1) Energy efficiency, 2) Healthy indoor environment and 3) Environmental sustainability....without dramatically increasing the cost of a traditional gut rehab. Measured against the Chicago Green Home program, all of our homes are being built at a minimum of 1 star.

On this page, we will record and report out the progress of our first 3 star Green home using our Practical Green standards.
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